Former TTP Spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan allegedly Threatens Malala On Twitter

Tehreek-i-Taliban Asian country (TTP) militant Ehsanullah Ehsan, whose cluster 9 years agone is imagined to have shot and badly wounded laureate Malala Yousafzai, has allegedly vulnerable a second try on her life, tweeting that next time, “there would be no mistake”.

Twitter on Wednesday for good suspended the account with the minacious post. was unable to severally verify whether or not the Twitter account creating the threat belonged to the militant. However, the BBC aforementioned associate degree exceedingly|in a very} report that Ehsan confirmed to the outlet via an audio message that the currently suspended account belonged to him.

The threat prompted Malala to tweet herself, asking each the military and Prime Minister Imran Khan to clarify however her alleged shooter, Ehsan, had at liberty from government custody.

Following Malala’s tweet, the prime minister’s focal person on digital media, Arslan Khalid, aforementioned the Twitter account allegedly go past the TTP militant was “fake”. He supplemental that Twitter and authorities had been notified “as such miscreants victimisation faux accounts and spreading hate should not be allowed on any social media platform”.

“There is intolerance for political theory in Asian country,” Khalid aforementioned.

Meanwhile, Raoof Hasan, associate consultant to the prime minister, aforementioned the govt. is work the threat and had like a shot asked Twitter to finish off the account.

Ehsan was inactive in 2017, however at liberty in Jan 2020 from a questionable house wherever he was being control by the forces. The circumstances of each his arrest and escape are shrouded in mystery and argument.

Days when the militant’s shake custody, the then interior minister Ejaz Shah of Iran had confirmed the news as “true”, expression that the “state is aware” while not giving any further details.

Since his escape, Ehsan has been interviewed and has communicated with journalists via identical Twitter account that carried the threat. He has had quite one Twitter account, all of that are suspended.

Ehsan, a old member of the TTP, urged Malala to “come back home as a result of we’ve got a score to settle with you and your father”. The tweet supplemental that “this time there’ll be no mistake”.

Malala, UN agency has setup a fund that promotes education for women worldwide and even supported a girls’ college in her aim the Swat natural depression, referred to as out the govt. and therefore the military over Ehsan’s tweet.

“This is that the ex-spokesperson of Tehrik-i-Taliban Asian country UN agency claims the attack on Pine Tree State and plenty of innocent individuals. he’s currently threatening individuals on social media,” she tweeted. “How did he escape?”

Associated Press queries to the military were nonreciprocal.

The charges against Ehsan embody the horrific massacre at the military Public college in Peshawar in 2014 that killed a hundred and forty four individuals — largely kids, some as young as 5 years recent.

He conjointly claimed responsibility for the 2012 shooting of Malala in Swat natural depression. within the attack, the gunman walked up to her on a college bus within which she was move, asked for her by name and so unemployed 3 bullets. She was simply fifteen years recent at the time and had angered the Taliban along with her campaign for girls’ education.

Her father, Ziauddin Yousafzai, a teacher, ran a college in Swat natural depression for boys and ladies. In 2007, once the TTP took management of the world, they forced ladies out of faculties and dominated with a brutal hand till 2009, after they were driven out by the military.

During his years in military custody, Ehsan was ne’er charged. Authorities conjointly later ne’er explained however he left the country and traveled to Turkey, wherever he’s believed to be living nowadays.

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