Pakistani Rupee Improves Against US Dollar But Loses Ground Over Other Currencies

After touching its highest price in 3 months on February 12, PKR continuing its gain against the United States dollar last week, going below Rs. 159 on weekday (February 18). On Friday, however, PKR reversed the movement another time and closed at Rs. 159.10 to the USD.

The current week has seen improvement for PKR against the buck however mixed results against most major currencies.
The previous week saw PKR deteriorate on the primary 2 days of the week and post blanket gains on consecutive 2 days before closing with blanket losses another time on Friday.

Monday brought improvement for PKR against USD, Euro, UAE Dirham, and Saudi Riyal, whereas it saw erosion for Pakistani monetary unit against GBP, Australian dollar, and Canadian dollar. weekday denote virtually an equivalent results, aside from movement against the monetary unit.
PKR gained fifty two paisas to the monetary unit on weekday, when posting a considerable loss of Rs. 1.37 on Friday. On Tuesday, it lost quite Monday’s gains and deteriorated by seventy four paisas against the monetary unit.

Against GBP, today’s loss for PKR was virtually a rupee at ninety eight paisas, adding to yesterday’s loss of fourteen paisas when Friday’s downward movement of Rs. 1.67 against GBP.

Likewise, against the Australian dollar, PKR denote a loss of fifty four paisas these days, adding to yesterday’s erosion of eighty one paisas and pillar informed eighty six paisas loss on Friday.

Against the Canadian dollar, PKR lost its ground by sixteen paisas these days when losing twenty eight paisas on weekday and losing thirty seven paisas on Friday.

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