PawriHoraiHai viral Pakistani trend– Even Indian soldiers can’t resist following viral Pakistani trend (VIDEO)

Not solely film industry stars square measure taken with with Pakistani influencer Dananeer Mubeen however Indian troopers square measure enjoying her infective agent #PawriHoraiHai trend.

Recently Associate in Nursing Indian soldier’s version of the video is garnering attention over social media “Yeh hum hain, yeh hamari gun hai aur hum patrolling kar rahe hain”.

The ‘pawri’ trend started when a five-second video denote on Feb vi, by Dananeer on her Instagram went infective agent. She had created it on a visit to Nathiagali along with her friends. shortly when it went infective agent, recreations from everywhere the country started gushing in.

The infective agent video shortly created its method into the neighboring country Bharat UN agency instantly jumped the bandwagon. Netizens from each countries square measure still enjoying the video and creating versions of their own supported their everyday life.

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