The identity of the MCU’s first Fantastic Four actor might have leaked

A new Marvel rumor says that Jennifer Lawrence are heading to Australia to aspire the forthcoming Fantastic Four show.
The extremely anticipated Marvel show doesn’t have a script or solid, however.
If the rumor is correct, the sole approach that Lawrence might play a member of the amazing Four within the close to future is for her to look in a very completely different Marvel film.

Marvel confirmed in late Gregorian calendar month 2019 that Fantastic Four comes were current once the initial MCU part four list was disclosed. quite a year later, in mid-December, Kevin Feige finally declared that Fantastic Four was so within the works, revealing that Jon Watts would direct it. Watts has helmed the primary to Spider-Man films, and he’s presently shooting the Spider-Man three. however Feige failed to tell fans UN agency would play the amazing Four.
Fans have already got 2 favorites in mind for the Reed I. A. Richards and Sue Storm roles. Husband and married woman John Krasinski and Emily Blunt would create a tremendous couple in one amongst the foremost anticipated films of the MCU. We’ve seen lots of rumors and speculations ever since Marvel confirmed that Fantastic Four is within the creating that Krasinski and Blunt may be negotiating for the 2 roles. however we have a tendency to ne’er got any confirmations.

Fast forward to period of time 2021, and that we may apprehend the identity of the primary Fantastic Four team member. Rumors say that Jennifer Lawrence can head to Australia shortly to aspire numerous comes, as well as Fantastic Four. That rumor may not create any sense to some, and that’s not as a result of she contend aura in Fox’s X-Men. It’s as a result of she can’t be shooting by herself. we all know nothing of the amazing Four solid, and Watts is presently busy with an exact Spider-Man three project that’s cinematography in London. however there may be one clarification for all this nonsense.

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